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Priya Sarukkai Chabria is an award winning author known for her radical aesthetics. Her books include four poetry collections,  translations of hymns from Classical Tamil, two speculative fiction novels, literary non-fiction large format book, a novel, and as editor, two poetry anthologies.


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New Release

Sing of Life - Revisioning Tagore's Gitanjali


“The Daring Act of Rewriting Tagore. 'Sing of Life' reinterprets a classic through an innovative poetic apparatus…Chabria …rejects the Achalayatan of petrified veneration and sets sail in the Sonar Tori (Golden Boat) of poetry.”

The Daring Act of Rewriting Tagore,
Uttaran Das Gupta, The

How Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’ got a new rendition in the hands of a modern poet

‘'I believe a great poem is one that often serves as a draft or raft for someone else’s poem. Or that is how it should be: A spark or a shift in another’s consciousness.’'
Priya, on Sing of Life

In this inspired linguistic experiment, Priya seeks to capture that spark and give it new life by chiselling Tagore’s prose-poetry into intense poems that invite us to re-engage with the Gitanjali.

Contemplative and courageous, this is a reimagining of Tagore and his work for a new generation of readers.

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Calling over water.jpg

Calling Over Water


” We need this book of blessings more than we know: “So borrow the river’s tongue rife with rubbish/ and holiness. Get going.”

---John Bradley
Author of Erotica Atomica

“…combines organic echoes and inner stammer, overlapping voices of multifariousness in a poetic exercise of intertextuality rare to be found in Anglophone Indian poetry… (poetry empowered by rich experiences and widening travels, a knowledge-based alacrity imbued by deep  cultural curiosity  also engages in a  wonderfully elusive nature writing that maps out her travelogues, resisting disruption and myth-building at the same time.)  

— Aryanil Mukerjee
Poet and translator, editor, Kaurab


Andal - The Autobiography of a Goddess

with Ravi Shankar


‘Chabria has re-created Andal... She uses the play of image, experience and thought… to excavate Andal. She enters her source through the membrane of Andal’s imagination, only to subsume herself within it… Chabria peels every context and imagery to touch upon the inner essence.( Her nuanced interpretations give Andal a present aesthetic reality. …Chabria ’s version… shimmers in the tension between the inner and the outer; the inner — Narayana — and the outer..’)

— T. M. Krishan
Carnatic Muscian, Author, Winner Ramon Magsaysay Award 




“A witty, poetic dream, in a voice clear as a winter morning, sharp as a sliver of obsidian. This wondrous book gives me a strange, fearful joy."

--- Eileen Gunn
Author of Questionable Practices.

“a fresh, genre-bending variety of Indian speculative fiction …– The writing… is instilled with an ephemeral, almost transcendental quality.   (The book …is a cerebral exercise in unravelling, collecting the myriad pieces of apparently disparate elements, and fitting the puzzle pieces together ) to ultimately hold up a magnificent tapestry as ephemeral, mystical and philosophical as the prose and style employed by the author."

 Apala Bhowmick

Fafnir's heart

Fafnir's Heart - World Poetry in Translation


“Here, some of the greatest poets of each language are translated into English by some of the finest living  poets and translators.”

George Szirtes

Winner International Man Booker Prize for Translation. 

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