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Andal - The Autobiography of a Goddess
with Ravi Shankar


‘…a translation mavern’s dream.’

John Stanley Hawley
Columbia University 

“...verse that swirls between sensuality and
sacred delirium – and a profusion of Andals,
edgy, erotic and darkly ecstatic.”

— Arundhathi Subramaniam


‘.(.rise to meet Andal with grace and fire, and transport her words, her worlds, to us, unafraid of its immeasurable depths)… as much a feat of courage and love as of craft and ingenuity.’ 

— Karthika Nair

Award winning poet, dance producer.





Asymptote Journal


The Indian Express
Portland Book Review

Fafnir's heart

Fafnir's Heart - World Poetry in Translation


“An important anthology …not only a pleasure to read, but it is also satisfyingly informative about each poet and translator. Priya Sarukkai Chabria has built a bridge with these brilliantly translated poems.” 

Sholeh Wolpe

Recipient PEN Heim Translation Grant, Midwest Book Award, Lois Roth Persian Translation prize


“We know these delights exist in the world. .. That daydream is realised now through these translations.”

Arunava Sinha

Twice winner, Crossword translation award, winner Muse India translation award shortlisted The Independent Foreign Fiction 

Select Anthologies

Manikkavacakar’s Creation Hymns, Reliquiae, Vol 8.No 1 (Corbel Stone Press, UK), 2020

Thirukovaiyar / Sacred Songs of Love, The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems (Bloomsbury India) 2020

A Book of Bhakti Poetry: Eating God (Penguin-Ananda, India) 2014

Andal Translations Post Road Magazine (Post Road Magazine Inc. & Boston College Department of English, USA ) 2011

From The Sacred Songs of the Lady, Aysmptote Journal

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