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“not an ordinary book of speculative fiction. The book is intimately woven with many thoughts and ideas that provide fodder for the thinking and seeking reader. Sarukkai Chabria’s novel evokes luscious images, even as the narrative throws up unsettling theories of the future of humans. Clone is an immensely engaging and satisfying book, commanding alert perusal and demanding intelligent interaction from its reader."


"... stands as a unique work"

Suneetha Balakrishnan


— Sudipta Dutta
The Financial Times

"A poetic imagination"

Tim Parks
Translator and author


Usawa Literary Review




Generation 14


“Priya Sarukkai Chabria is remarkable both as poet and novelist and her twin aspects are clearly evident in Generation 14 , for while the book is, on the one hand, a piece of ambitious and inventive science-fiction about cloning and control, it is, also, most importantly, concerned with the poetry of belonging, selfhood and commitment. The scenes are vividly visualised and carried through at a convincing pace. Chabria depicts a violent world out of which revolutionary forces emerge out of history to round out a new world that is an echo of the lost, awakening the new to a deeper, more humane consciousness.”

 George Szitres

Winner of the T S Eliot Memorial Poetry Prize

“…undoubtedly inaugurates a new kind of writing on the Indian continent. .. The formal inclusiveness of Chabria’s prose only mines, and strengthens, the book’s plea for accepting and recognizing the splendour of difference, otherness, and plurality… The unique, carefully-chosen standpoint from which each story is told also creates imaginative space for compassion in the midst of all the grotesquery. It is by way of this redemptive space, imagination’s greatest victory, that the novel offers a ray of hope, both to Clone14/54/G’s perplexed world and to ours”.

Stuti Khanna


“The necessary questions the author raises … revolve around the meaning of a shared humanity and the necessity of plurality of expression.” 

Sanjay Sipahimalani

“…nothing quite prepares us for Chabria’s clone…. the premise is imaginative – and irreverent…her prose is as eloquent as her poetry.” 

Sudipta Datta

The Financial Times


The Other Garden

"in the only way epic fables must: you, the reader, cannot stop turning the pages until you reach the end..."

Jeet Thayil

Poet & novelist


“The virtuoso performance comes to an end with the narrator asking the reader ---

‘Now you tell me, who am I? ‘    (the effect of this narrative which refers not only to the puranas but also to the western classics is to question whether there is anything of significance in our lives, whatever we may learn and live out . . . All in all an impressive first book.“

GJV Prasad

Indian Review of Books

“Sarukkai Chabria's luminous beautiful prose suffuses this novel”

Robert B Siegel

 Mirror to Mirror: Postmodernity in South Asian Fiction

” . . . The words evoke a multiplicity of images, the viewpoints are varied and the book has a kaleidoscope vision . . .”

Times of India

"” . . . Done with both skill and sensitivity . . . has the gift of drawing characters true to life and making them compelling as well . . .” 

— Vijay Nambisan

The Hindu

Select Anthologies

Go-Slo, Kitaab Anthology of the Best of South Asian Speculative Fiction, 2019

Dreaming of the Cool Green River, The Gollancz Book of South Asian Fiction (Hachette India) 2019

Paused, Avatar Contemporary Indian Science Fiction (Future Fiction, Rome) 2020

Listen: A Memoir, Multi species Cities: Solar Punk Urban Futures ( World Weaver Press, USA) 2021

Mid – Term Ecolit Examination Paper, Open Your Eyes: An Anthology on Climate Change (Hawakal) 2020

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