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Sing of Life


'The poems of Priya Sarukkai Chabria are passionate, sensuous and intelligent, full of energy and enterprise. They hold their dramatic shapes with grace and establish her as a poet to read and return to time and again.'  

— George Szirtes
Poet, translator, memoirist, T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize winner, Man Booker International winner as translator 


‘Her work is absolutely extraordinary. She has an amazing ability to handle historical and mythic material in ways that make them completely new.’ 

Dennis Nurkse
Poet, Literature Awardee from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Guggenheim Fellowship. 

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Calling Over Water


The Rules of Radiance:“…(Calling Over Water spans themes that move from the intimate and vulnerable, through questions of the nature of creative expression, into a thoughtful wandering  poetic travelogue.) For the acclaimed Indian poet, novelist and translator it is a deeply personal journey.”

Joseph Schreiber


“Elaborate references, experiments with form, and dauntless exploration of emotions”

Uttaran Das Gupta
The Wire 


The Wire


Not springtime yet.png

Not Springtime Yet


This new collection of verse by one of India’s most talented poets is exceptional for its haunting lyrical quality as well as for its engagement with mythic and historical forms from the Indian subcontinent, a territory most poets writing in English do not venture into.

“This collection…presents disturbing ideas and elusive answers…Chabria delicately combines the erudite and the erotic…”( We are returning home to life, she says. It is what she records best.’  )
 Jane Bhandari
Poet, writer, critic Biblio


Dialogue and Other Poems


“Sarukkai Chabria...swoops and dives between space and time…her poems speak for themselves, to the reader and to each other, deliberately and clearly.”

Arshia Sattar

‘…a poet who has shifted contemporary Indian English poetry to a different gear altogether…'

Sunday Herald Articulations 


“a highly competent writer aware of form, of poetic conventions in many different language traditions, with a feeling for cadence, lineation, image, compression and sound. She ranges through an impressive variety of themes and manners...Chabria is a pleasure to read.”
Bruce King
Critic The Little Magazine


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Select Anthologies

Kairos, No News 90 Poets Reflect on a Unique BBC Broadcast (Recent Work Press, Australia), 2020

Rewriting Rabindranath Tagore’s Autobiography: ‘Gitanjali’, Reliquiae, Vol 8.No 2 (Corbel Stone Press, UK), 2020

Dialogue -1 & Fireflies 4, Still We Sing: Voices on Violence Against Women  (Dhauli Books, India), 2020

Everyday Things in My Life, Another English: Anglophone Poems From Around The World (Poetry Foundation, Tupelo Press, USA), 2014

The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry (HarperCollins Publishers India, India), 2012

Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia and Beyond (W W Norton &Co.USA), 2008

Invoking Kali - MAI:  Feminism & Visual culture

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