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Non-Fiction Books


Bombay/Mumbai Immersions
with photographer Christopher Taylor 

“Chabria, brilliant wordsmith and affectionate narrator, holds our hands while walking us through the history of the city… (she is interpreter and interlocutor, true, but also both doctor and nurse, taking care of diagnosis and convalescence. …) That is what makes this book such a rare reading and viewing pleasure. You already know the story of Bombay. But you must read this book because you want to know again, because every time you blink, the old becomes new again."

Sumana Roy
Poet, writer fiction & literary nonfiction, The Sunday Gaurdian 

“...captivating exploration of the public and the secret lives of one of the world’s largest metropolitan hubs”

Ranjit Hoskote



Beauty in the Beast, Uddalak Mukherjee, Telegraph India

Bombay/Mumbai: Immersions, Mustansir Dalvi, TimeOut Mumbai

Into Mumbai’s heart, Anupama Raju, The Hindu

Mumbai’s quaint immersions in light and darknessSumana Roy, The Sunday Guardian

Non-Fiction Essays & Papers


Voyages of Body and Soul, Selected Female Icons of India and Beyond (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK) 2014

Translating Bharat Reading India  (Yatra Books, India) 2016

The Bahuroopiya in a Bhoolbuliya: Rupture and Rapture

The Centrality of Wander in Creative Practice,  Journal Lab,  2000

*The Unveiled catalogue, Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2003

Will a Phoenix rise? Censorship by the mob, Journal Adelphiniana 3, 2004

Papers at Seminars

Critical Perspectives – Writing the Now: Postmodernism, Nationalism and the esemplastic imaginationSahitya Akademi New Voices, 2004

Jal Sutra, seminar paper, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2003

Musicals and the Construction of National Identity, University of California, USA, 2000

Literature: Profusion and Simultaneity in Indian Art Practice, Film and the Other Arts, Filmoteca Espanola, Madrid, 1999

Mahabharata: Texts, Contexts, Readings Menaka’s InterventionIndian Academy of Literature Golden Jubilee Celebrations, New Delhi, 2004

Transformed Images: The Case of Hiroshighe’s “Great Wave” and the Abhisarika NayikaIndia International Center’s Quarterly, 2004

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